Workshop Particles & Fluids: from individual particle dynamics to collective effects and fluidized beds

Roscoff, France - April 25-27, 2017

Social programme 

To complement the scientific excellence of our invited lecturers, a social programme was organised for all participants.


  • Monday April 24, evening: Aperitif Dinner (La Moule au Pot)
  • Tuesday April 25, evening: Diner in  Roscoff (Chez Janie)
  • Wednesday April 26, afternoon: Excursion to the island of Batz crossing by boat from Roscoff
  • Wednesday April 26, evening: Tasting Breton beers and dinner at the Gulf Stream Restaurant
  • Thursday, April 27, evening: Dinner in Roscoff (Les Chardons Bleus)


Roscoff plages