Workshop Particles & Fluids: from individual particle dynamics to collective effects and fluidized beds

Roscoff, France - April 25-27, 2017


The workshop took place from 25st to 27st of April 2017 in the Roscoff biological station.

The main objective was to bring together researchers, scientists, engineers and students in the same event to exchange and share their experiences, ideas and research results in numerical, theoretical and experimental studies about all aspects of particulates flows: particles sedimentation and dispersion, fluidized beds, heterogeneous combustion, blood flows… with applications in fields as environmental fluid mechanics, petroleum industry, paper industry, energy storage, aeronautics, biomedical sciences.

33 people attended this event. The format consisted of invited lectures within one session established to motivate scientific discussions and to enhance future collaborative research activities. The different contributions were related to the following topics:

  • Multi-scale modelling and simulations of dense particulate flows
  • Dynamics of particles in turbulence
  • Non-spherical particles
  • Heat and mass transfers in dense particulate flows
  • New technologies and industrial applications

The Organising Committee is part of the two French ANR projects: MORE4LESS and CODSPIT.


Particles-Fluids photo